The Beast in the Beauty

posted on 02 Dec 2005 03:38 by yerenemy

You think you're 'Fortunate' nuf for something you wish not to happen to you, not happening to you?

Think again.

Everything you hate in the others are all in you, waiting subtly to erupt when you're not bothered keeping an eye on it. Sometimes, though, you're just unaware of whilesome other time you are forced to make a confrontation with that demonic self within.

Harsh. wasn't it?

To be able to declare that hatred towards those certain traits in others, then later you became the beast that you bitched about. At least it was an uneasy feeling to try to cope with other than those in your routinized life. Firstly, others know what your beast's like, secondly and more importantly is that you find it's actually your innerself.

Now sympathy comes in play, or well, should it not? Love often touches many people hearts' via this.

You'll never know.





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Found ya!

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มันก้อจริงของแกว่ะ ตอนนี้ชั้นก้อจะกลายเป็นBeastเต็มตัวแล้ว เหอะๆ

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