My J list

posted on 24 Oct 2006 01:55 by yerenemy

so empty
i don't know how to feel/think about this.
once again, i've found myself 'having nothing to say'
thnx jerey, jaco and jenn for being there in time of need.
notice how my important people in my life start their names with 'J'???
Joe (my dog), Joe (RIP,man), Jim Chen, Jason Mraz,
Jack Johnson, Justin T., Johnny Depp, Johnnie Walker :p, Jack Daniel :p , Joey Boy, Joss Stone, J.Lo, J.Uy my bfriend,
Jerey my bear friend, Jacobus ;) , J.Pluciennik, Jayoona! my soulfriend, Jedi, Jet'seter, J'Aor :) , Jackson Yeh my big bro, Jonhny Bravo, James inspiration and at last but not least, Jai my grandma :D
Also i have Jack Pitt, John Cruise, Jedward Norton, Jrain -- love da way u move~
my list stops here before it gets retarded.

are you important?

added on Apr 19, 2010 : 

another important J in my life right now is- Julien Gable, my lovely frenchfries :-) i love you 

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Sup? Wanna add some more for 2011 J-list. i also amend my previous list by crossing out what's 'not' anymore. Here goes, 

Justin Bieber.. yep yep that talented swag sun'o'vabish
Jessie Jay.. rainbow soul with no Price Tag and always know Who You Are
James Blunt.. surprisingly good Live performer, my tears run for ya
JobsDB.. my new bestie i spend hours with him at home, in my room, on my bed
Jacob's Creek.. easy to intake, digest, fall asleep with
Joel Feldman.. the impact of my career 

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Additional info. for your Jlist. Jobs, Steve founder of Apple Inc.

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very funny

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hm.....yeh.. that could be it ;)

#2 By yerenemy on 2006-10-28 07:46

how bout JasKoto, no?

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