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posted on 30 Oct 2006 00:34 by yerenemy
Speaking of having to cope when someone is 'leaving' your life, here's some related quotes (or conversations) that i could think of.....
This one is from my american brother, Mike B.
Michael says:
Start over, i mean
Ann says:
hahahah not anymore
Michael says:
then it's not worth fighting for...
Michael says:
good friends come and go, but some just dont make it to your future
Ann says:
yeh but my effort to even start the 'fighting for' ended right then and there when i heard the sentence of '...... **censored** ....'
Michael says:
TRUST me...
Ann says:
hahah i like that... the not make it to your future
Michael says:
i'ts from a friend "Don't worry about people from your past. There's a reason they dont make it to your future."

And another one from my korean friend, Jayoon. Now this one i cant remember exactly what he said cuz we're sobering up after the party when he said it. But i knew that i was shock to hear such thing from him, my silly friend who was about as drunk as me. hehe... you know ANYTHING could happen when you're drunk!! hahah... yup that's right. ANYTHING.
His English wasn't the greatest but at least he tried ;) it goes like...
'Good friends, out of sight but not out of mind!'
and something like
'Eventhough it's been a year, but good friends feel like it's only yesterday that we parted!'
ahh.... i missed that happy moment....... hopefully it'll happen again in ..... 9 weeks!!! Yey!!

Now lemme add my own quote, one of my favorites,

Whatever happen, happens for reason.

I guess it's a nice way to cope with pretty much anything that doesnt go your way, from a buddhist perspective anyway. It reflects the 'Certainty is Uncertainty.' and also the flexibility mind that he/she will welcome just about anything that will happen, knowing that it will surely lead to something else in the future. So there's never a worry about it happening today. Chill out~ man. 'Everything will be alright, Thai style~'




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OH. :)

#3 By \=+=[~MasKoto~]=+=/ on 2006-10-30 20:59

i didnt mean that he/she passed away...
just passing through your life, like come and go you know =)

#2 By yerenemy on 2006-10-30 15:19

well it wasn't meant to be that sad. I'm just missing someone i knew, or used to atleast... :p

and no, she didn't die. god knows i can't cope with that. :p

#1 By \=+=[~MasKoto~]=+=/ on 2006-10-30 12:35