Welcome back! ...myself...

posted on 24 Apr 2009 12:52 by yerenemy

Holey shitz!

It's 2009 already!!! you know why? DO YOU know why?

Because Chinese gov't blocks Exteen.com T-T

I can't access the site from Shanghai at all. What a miserable life without a blog.

Now i'm home for 10 days visiting fam and relatives, and i thought of my old schweet blog.


It was such a good time sharing a blog with other people who cherish all different things.

I think i will start my new blog soon with different host, no offense na Champ but China dont like your site too much. why? maybe it sounds like teenage porns or something (X-teens, xxxxteens, !?!)

Just great...




แจ้งมาสเตอร์ด่วน! ทำเรื่องร้องเรียนไปยังกระทรวงการต่างประเทศ! ประท้วงหน้าสถาณฑูตจีน! ฟ้องยูเอ็น!

welcome back, even for a while


#2 By ifine™ on 2009-04-24 23:15

surprised to see you on my feed!
great to hear from a long lost blog, eh?

well, do post of link of your new home na ka~ confused smile

#1 By มุก on 2009-04-24 17:31