Stop Using Future Tense!!!

posted on 18 Jul 2010 01:14 by yerenemy

Full credits to me and my brother. Excerpt from our private-accessed blog 'The Montiens' but this entry is not private, so here we go: 


Stop using Future Tense for god sake! Waaaagghh~

@ Home, Bangkok, Thailand. 22:05 hr

(conversation has been carried on for a while about random stuff) 
O: I hate ppl who dont do what they say they would.
A: Me too. omg, like Philly, He has about thousand projects but never got any single one done.
O: Oh, and imagine me, being in a design world. imagine all the pretentious fashion people 'oh i wanna do this' 'oh i have this idea' 'oh we should do this together' OH STOP IT! 
A: Stop using future tense!!
O: Yes! Exactly
A: I stopped that for while, in all context loei. i just do it! dont say anything and just do it! 
O: Yes! and start using 'I have done'! 
A: or 'Today i did this!' 'Yesterday i did that' 
O: Yes! We should write about it right now!
A: Okay!