Are u supposed to be 'blogging' about smth?

posted on 11 Nov 2010 00:22 by yerenemy
Here i am, 
in an era where concept of online diary is no longer popular
Instead, ppl give new face value to 'Blogging' 
whereas all blogs should be either educational, useful, subject-focused, sales-supportive, or
No one is interested in knowing other ppl' daily business anymore? 
Cuz everyone is more 'knowledgeable' these days? 
more 'sophisticated', 'info-hungry', '2.0' ? 
Take that bullshit, up here, in my blog




Many people switched to Facebook/twitter but I think they're different from blogging.

In twitter we just type without correcting but here we justify indents, proof-read the article, correct error, reorganise the idea, etc. These makes blogging (still) charming, IMAO. double wink

#2 By ABZee ( on 2011-12-16 23:17

Blogs with specific subject or concept are overrated.
For me, everyday life can also be knowledgeable.
C'mon, we learn new things everyday, right?
It's not about what to look for, It's just about where to look.

That's all!big smile

#1 By hodecore on 2011-12-15 23:14