Got a love-fooled friend?

posted on 28 Dec 2011 00:35 by yerenemy
Check mine: 
Just got back from a cocktail evening with Taiwan gang girlfriends. Realizing how happy i am when people actually appreciate me for who i really am, not because i am the only friend that happens to have free time and is just around..
i'm almost sick of my friend's love drama junk ziet ('shit' but pronounced in Taiwanese way) she's been continuously feeding my Blackberry and phone. And no matter how much you tell her what you think she wants to hear, she just doesn't hear it! you wanna get over him? stop answering his call biotch! you don't wanna see him? stop saying yes to dinner with him! you don't want to be thinking of him? stop freakin' stalk his BB's status! Gosh, i've never imagined how self-sabotage a person can be, contradicting to what he/she really wants.
THEN i told her, OK lets face it- he broke your heart twice, fuck it, you still love him? Go for it! Are you dumb? no of course not! You are just in love (and most likely blind) and if you want to be in love with him- then BE IT! what do you have to lose anyway? a year or two before he breaks your heart for the record-breakingly third time? (i do believe that once a fox knows where the chicken house is, he will always go back there) You'll be fine by then.
This is a story that actually happened 5 months ago. Today, this friend of mine is still going out with that same dude, though they are being very careful with the relationship as they cannot literally afford one more mistake (or not?) The girl's more chillax, the guy's more.. well im not sure how he is, but i know he's changed for the better, according to what i heard. So there we go, another beautiful drama in our lives <3