jazz and burguer

posted on 09 Jan 2012 01:49 by yerenemy in My-life
I'm trying to make this a habit- bloggin my mind away each and everyday with something worthy to say
Just got back from another good night out with my bro and his bf 
Tonight menu started at Woodstock rooftop bar where his friend's one of the live band members
young crowd, indy, free-spirit, but somehow i see the superficiality and premium-wannabe in the air
I had, by far, the most horrible Mojito ever in my life ; even I can make it better
Then we hit 'The Iron Fairies' (www.theironfairies.com) in Thonglor for a beer, and a live jazz
the black singer in smokey cream suit sounded awesome and inspiring, probably not at his best but still good 
oh gosh, i need 8 hours of sleep!