Categories? Directory? Say WHA~!?

posted on 23 Jan 2012 23:40 by yerenemy in Worth-reading directory Diary
Alright i give up.. 
After writing my brainy self a web-log about it here 
Today i log on to continue my blabbering, here they are! DIRECTORY! 
I have to admit that i've been trying to categorize my web-logs that i've been writing since this website exists (can you believe that i got here from a 'feeling lucky' click on a link in one of the BULK mails, life-changing click i tell ya. i even got my first comment from our infamous Master Champ himself! Proof) , and it was an epic waste-of-time fail, cuz if i have to categorize them, i'll have to know each of their contents; if i have to know each of those, i'll have to read them one by one; i think i will have to spend 1 minute reading and deciding which category they belong to, plus about 15 seconds to click back and forth to have the correct category's labels appear on the blog management page; that's 75 seconds for each blog, so if i wanna tidy up all of my online life-baggages here with exteen, i would require 75 seconds for each of the 306 blogs i wrote since June 2004 total of almost 8 years of my life, hello? ; MAN, that's 22,950 seconds or 382.5 minutes or 6.375 hours!!!! 
Talking about any more jaded task.... 
Anyways, i guess that was do-able (ironically enough that our lives are full of undo-ables) once you worked as a salaryman, anything is do-able. You just have to bear with it, and get movin with it. I think it's very wise marketing they are doing, to un-clutter the place by making them easier to draw into groups of similar interests. Although, like in the old time, i like the curious feeling of when you are attracted to a total different type of people purely by a single impulsive click OR purely by the sound of their recently-uploaded blog's headline that got you thinking 'ah.. what is this all about?' I've friended with many bloggers who are, in many aspects, totally different from me. It always interests me to hear what they say or think about random things. Sometimes they would write about their days, their loves, their pets, and many times they would write about the fact or knowledge from their specialized fields. Nevertheless, most of my blogger friends on here left already as, i assume, they have more responsibilities in lives as we all grow older. It's been almost 8, eight, EIGHT long friggin years. I dont blame them. There are newer digital technologies and platforms that bridge the oceans, like Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Blackberry. How they change your lifestyles, your time spent each day, your marketing strategies. How they change us, the world.... 
To the last note on 'DIRECTORY', boo-yeh for you EXTEEN i think you're going in the right direction, or i hope. As for me, i will try to cope with this new system, as i have always done. 
I'm literally becoming EX-teen...

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I think it's very sensible promotion they are doing, to un-clutter the position by creating them simpler to sketch into categories of identical passions. It always passions me to listen to what they say or think about unique factors. Sometimes they would create about their periods, their likes, their animals, and many periods they would create about the truth or information from their specific areas.

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