Friday 13th

posted on 13 Oct 2006 12:33 by yerenemy
Anybody noticed that it's Friday the 13th .. of October today?
Hell yah, i noticed that after the insurance company came to finish the claiming process between me, my car and the 6-wheeler :s
But it was a joyful time indeed, as someone spotted my car on the side of the road and called my uncle up. And later my dad came, and so did my cousin. haha.. we had lil laughs there.
And.... screw james' class... every single time i had accident, it had to be RIGHT before james class! either wednesday or friday! wtf?

Enjoy your rest of the day!
I meant to take my cousin to get his visa for australia visit next week.
We drove to MoChit to park ---> couldn't find parking lot... was ok, normal...
So we parked at Paolo hospital (our granpa is the patient) and went to Surasak station by bts.
---> only one person at ticket booth.... not too normal
3 minutes ---> one guy requested some tax invoice shit, buncha people were in line....not normal
((the clock's ticking away as we're approaching 3 pm when it's gonna close application submission))
we got on the bts train anxiously
@ Surasak station ((Finally~ Ye!!)) we saw Thai-CC building, planned to run to it
1 minute ---> my cousin's bts card got stuck at the exit hurdle, the security guard wasn't around to fix it! .......super not normal (for bts station!)
we ran to the elevator, got in, had to go to 34th floor, was to punch the button, but there's NO number 34!!! WTF?!
1 minute ---> wrong elevator! had to get out and go to high zone one!..... never happend to me!!

.. (running)
The guard: Sorry we're closed 5 minutes ago.
Me and cousin: FIVE minutes? o_0"



F..i..v..e.. minute too late!

now my cousin's on nervous string hoping his visa will be out before next friday cuz he's flying out on sunday!! hahahah.... very very fun-style~

Almost got hit by car!
my heart stopped, literally, for a second! cuz the guy came so fast, and i thought he was gonna pause it for me since i's in his lane already.....NOOoooooo~
so i heard his horn like BBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooann......(faded)
again, very fun-style~ almost stopped my heart right there!

fukking friday thirteenth alright... -_-"

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