2 Links; interesting stuff for ya

posted on 27 Nov 2006 22:46 by yerenemy

For those who like reading stuff in English ;) this is an easy to digest meat you might wanna take along the 'happiness' search in your life ;) I like it when he said that 'Happiness is a process, not a place.' and basically the whole last paragraph. Be sure you read it til then. i think it's true though. i think ppl shuoldn't work too hard in order to be able to 'enjoy it all' one day in the future, instead they shuold learn how to appreciate the beauty of the scenery as they're traveling along the road of life, u kno.

And for those who enjoy the rapping and McDonald's!! i love this. Click to view 'more' on the side window for the lyrics to it. ' i want a dbl cheeeseburger, hold the lettuce...' LOL. i love this, seriously!! >o< check JoeWoody.com for more!